#Grosvaldi1919. Fragmenti no Margarētas Grosvaldes dienasgrāmatas

Margarēta Grosvalde  1919. gada februārī sāka strādāt par darbvedi jaunizveidotajā Latvijas diplomātiskajā pārstāvniecībā (no 1921. gada – sūtniecībā) Londonā, un sāka rakstīt dienasgrāmatu. Tajā atspoguļojas gan ikdiena, gan viņas personiskās pārdomas un dzimtas vēstures notikumi. Dienasgrāmata publicēta oriģinālajā valodā, to netulkojot.

Ieraksts Margarētas Grosvaldes dienasgrāmatā


32, Addison Gardens, London

We moved here on the 10th. ‘James’, the landlord, was rude and all the ladies at Lesham Garden were “sorry” we left, even those who never talked to us. The house is not bad and will be lovely in spring. And the rooms get better with every nice decoration that we put away. But it’s fearfully cold – and I wonder whether we shall ever have white hands again. We do the cleaning and everything, but intend to keep cheerful and see the nice side of things. Lina [Karolīna Grosvalde] had her hair burnt with the gas the very first day. The first night was rather impressive: Lina looked after the fire all night long, and I wrapped myself up in my blanket, with my head throbbing with neuralgia. But God is merciful – he sent us both letters from our respective lovers on the first morning, and he makes her parents see the funny side of things sometimes.

Ieraksts Margarētas Grosvaldes dienasgrāmatā


I sit in the dining room at the fine big window and enjoy the view and the thought but I am in London, in a London house all by myself. I have been running about in the morning – writing to Ogier from the Legation in London to that in Paris and walking up the moving stairs. One sees the difference between our ideas at the Camp – we prefer to live plainly by our own means, and they live filthily and go to theatres and buy hats.


Ieraksts Margarētas Grosvaldes dienasgrāmatā


Gailit was our first visitor. He had buttered buns and made conversation stiffly for a while. Our conversation in the morning is quite different, when he’s having his lesson.


Ieraksts Margarētas Grosvaldes dienasgrāmatā


My hand is stiff with writing, but the day is too remarkable not to be described. I was engaged at the Legation as sort of secretary yesterday and and entered my post to-day, after writing a beautiful letter to President Wilson. I like my post, my chef [Sir George Bisseneek], and most of all the money I am to receive! But I grew absolutely faint when I was told to write letters out of my poor head. I was not surprised any more at being sent to the City and the letter-box – in fact, I would do everything he made me do – if only I were able to; Gailit and Strautneek answer me, black my boots and offer me cigarettes and I have lunch with them.

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