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BBC hopes Latvian invasion will be a ratings winner

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A forthcoming show produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) simulates a full-scale Russian invasion of Latvia and the use of nuclear weapons in the Baltic - all for the purposes of entertainment.

The UK's Daily Mail reports that the show titled "World War Three: Inside The War Room" is a simulation of a military conflict in which Latvia is invaded by Russia.

Its NATO allies - and most particularly a selection of former British decision makers - dither about how to fulfill their obligations under NATO's Article 5, which views an attack upon one NATO member as an attack on all.

"The exercise, designed by military strategists, envisages a Russian invasion of Latvia to support pro-Kremlin separatists who have taken over 20 towns near its border," the Daily Mail said.

A BBC website dedicated to the show says:

"A war room of senior former British military and diplomatic figures comes together to war-game a hypothetical 'hot war' in eastern Europe, including the unthinkable - nuclear confrontation."

In a move of questionable wisdom, a publicity picture for the show appears to show pro-Kremlin rebels sporting the flag of Latvia's eastern Latgale region - which is likely to cause a good deal of offense in Latgale itself.

Last year, the use of Latgale's flag in a similar manner on social media prompted an investigation by Latvia's internal security service, the Security Police.

The BBC is far from the first foreign media outlet to assume Latgale is ripe for the picking by Russia - but the people of Latgale itself have rather different ideas, as LSM found out when we asked them

Quite how many theoretical Latvians are killed in the simulated invasion is not revealed in the Daily Mail's coverage, which instead focuses on British reluctance to use nuclear weapons despite first use by Russia.

The show airs on BBC2 at 11 p.m. Riga time (9 p.m. in the UK) on Wednesday 3rd February. 

Komentāri (31)


Quite the tempest in a teapot we have here. Programs using fictionalized events based on real life scenarios are produced all the time. Perhaps it hits too close to home, but there is no reason to be offended by the premise of this program; it's fiction.


Grūti nenosaukt BBC par morāliem kropļiem! Viņiem ir publiski jāatvainojas ne tikai Latvijai un Krievijai par šāda satura vājprāta iestudēšanu, bet arī visai pasaulei par melīga viedokļa un būtībā propogandas pret Krieviju izplatīšanu!!!

Šajā filmā ir stipri pāršauts pār strīpu, tiek atklāti pausts naids, draudēts nogalināt simtiem tūkstošu krievu cilvēku, pie tam tiek pieļauta ideja par kodollādiņu izmantošanu šajā karā!!! Tikai nenormālais varētu kaut vai iedomāties kaut ko tādu!

Tajā pat laikā, tieši šie saucamie "eksperti", savulaik ir pieļāvuši Līvijas, Irākas, Irānas iznīcināšanu! Tad jājautā, kurš šeit uzvedās agresīvi???

Kas pārsteidz jo īpaši, ka Latvijas valdība šo norij klusējot! Tas būtībā ir augsta līmeņa politisks skandāls, nevis kautkāda tā starp citu filmele, jo konkrētajām valstīm ir konkrēti un reāli vārdi, tiek pieminētas reālas pilsētas, reāli reģioni un taktika ... Nožēlojami!!!

BBC turpmāk vajadzētu uzskatīt par dzeltenās preses līmeņa tenku kanālu!


Certainly judgement should be reserved until the show has actually been broadcast. We just hope it does not play upon the popular myth of "disloyal" Latgale for which there appears to be very little evidence.


While that myth might exist (mostly in Russian media) I think it's a stretch to say that it's popular. More than likely viewers will learn that Latvia exists and faces a threat from Russia. Don't lose sight of the fact that the source is the Daily Mail, which is not known for its accurate reporting.


On the topic of Latgalian separatism, a Google search of 'latgale separatist' returns 7,380 results, which largely seem to be news articles debunking the myth. Hardly the results one would expect from a 'popular myth'

For some context a search of 'Swansea separatist' returns 78,400 results. Swansea.


We would certainly be interested in seeing a BBC show about a Russian invasion of Swansea. Particularly if it included Port Talbot.


It all depends how the situation is represented. From what I can see the film will suggests that article 5 will be invoked and UK and US will assist Latvia in such a fictional conflit. As long as the show does not evoke some kind of pro Russian sentiment then I don't see this as a big deal. If such show is made it has to strenghten the idea that Latvia is a NATO member and its soveregnity must be defended in case of a Russian attack.


Looks really foolish. I cannot imagine any fake exercise even in military using the real names of the countries, even for the "enemies". And now it happens that one of our ally's biggest broadcasting company does it and for some idiotic tv show!
If I was a Foreign Minister, I would definitely invite the UK's Ambassador for a discussion.

Līga Pommere

Slīcēju glābšana -vienmēr bijusi pašu slīcēju rokās. Lai vai kas nāk - krievi,angļi,amerikaņi. vācieši......- mēs izpeldēsim.Bet, kas sūdus taisa- lai ar tiem i aizrijas.


Why don't we do a show about the Scottish invasion of Great Britain? That should be fun. Or even better - why don't we do a show about Ireland invading the United Kingdom? That would deffinitely increase ratings..


I'd gather to say that Russia invading Latvia is a bit more probable than either Scotland or Ireland invading Great Britain.
Roy Walker Walker

Roy Walker Walker

Scottish invasion of Great Britain? What about a Latgalian invasion of Latvia?


The letter Y will takeover EVERYTHING!


One should understand, that present Latgalia and would-be Latgalian People Republic are two different geopolitical structures as Donbass differs from Novorossiya, DNR or LNR.
Ukrainian Evgen Dikiy in his new study* "THE ‘HYBRID’ WAR OF RUSSIA EXPERIENCE OF UKRAINE FOR THE BALTIC STATES" states: ‘hybrid’ war may be defined as aggression of one state against another, externally disguised under an internal political conflict in the state which is the victim of aggression. <...> such conflict is imitated by Russian media irrespective of the actual state of affairs. In this case we are observing an unprovoked direct foreign invasion, just externally camouflaged as a ‘civil’ war in the country, the victim of aggression.
*Source: www.lka.lt
Mik RD Mik

Mik RD Mik

Really? Why would anyone welcome a program which will stir up old wounds and cause further divide. They could have simply used the Ukraine as the victim country. Oh wait, it has been done. When the world is a tempest in a tea pot, who actually thinks this is an ideal concept?


Given that we're talking about the BBC, just curious, what is LSM's relationship with Latvijas Televīzija and Latvijas Radio? are you guys merging?


LATGALLIANS ARE LATVIANS . ITS separatism is fictional , created by muscovites .


German (saxsons) invading Brittain and obliterating country would be intteresting to wach...
But seriously! This show whole idea is bad.


Kretīni! Ieritiniet savu apakšlūpu atpakaļ un NECERIET!!!

Jauns aukstais karš sākās pirms 23

Viņu mērķis ir vājināt Krieviju, lai tās valdība nevarētu stāvēt pretī Ameriks kontrolētajam režīmam pasaulē.

sankcijas pret Krieviju, faktiski ir III pasaules kara sākums, kurā uzvarētāju nebūs - tā ASV ekonomists, finansists, žurnālists, bijušais Reigana valdības finansu ministra vietnieks, bijušais Wall Street Journal redaktors, ekonomikas profesors vairākās universitātēs, vairāku godalgu saņēmējs finansu jomā Pauls Kraigs Roberts ...


Nepadodieties provokācijām!

Karš ir pats izdevīgākais un ienesīgākais bizness, atstājot aiz sevis pat narkotiku biznesu!

Kara ekonomika ir vajadzīga valdībā, bet ne cilvēkiem www.youtube.com

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